Another look at German parcours

There was alot of interest in the previous video I posted about German parcours so I thought I would post another featuring a fantastic range with a moving target. As with the other video, English subtitles can be enabled using the correct option on the video bar.

If you enjoyed both videos, be sure to check out the YouTube channel of Bear Paw Products for their other parcour reviews, as well as features on their new archery products.



Just a post to say what is happening in the world of archery for me.

Well at the moment…nothing unfortunately. Progress on the clubs reorganisation is slow resulting in a delay for someone looking to take out a new membership like myself. I have been absent for around two years due to work clashes but I now have my weekends free. I have been active on the club forums and have been told I do not need to repeat any training to rejoin which is good news.

I lost my NFAS membership details in my absence and so I have had to reapply as a new member, which is not too bad as I was never fully signed off as a full member before due to difficulty getting a hold of our coach to sign the form. I am now a provisional member again but somehow my personal details have been entered onto the system incorrectly, specifically my first name! Hopefully this will be rectified before I get down the club.

The delays with all the admin of getting back into archery means my main goals for this blog (shoot reports, arrow making, video and images from my archery adventures) will be delayed, possibly til april. In the mean time I will continue to post archery related items of interest. There are many fantastic YouTube channels making excellent content that I will share over the next few weeks. If you haven’t seen my post on German parcours I suggest you take a look, it has proven to be very popular!

I will keep you posted on my membership and hopefully I can start posting shoot reports soon.


Harry (Archer & Bowyer)

This is a very special short portrait film directed by Dylan Ryan Byrne. It explores the art and philosophy behind archery and the crafting of a bow, featuring Harry, Irelands champion traditional archer.

The last minute and a half is particularly thought provoking and to me captures the beauty of traditional archery.


For those ‘pinterested’ in traditonal archery

If like me you love everything traditional when it comes to archery, be it the bows or equipment, you may be interested in a Pintrest board I have created, dedicated to collecting items related to traditional archery.

Mostly I am pinning images and the occasional video but I find these a great source of inspiration and some link through to archery websites. This is especially useful for locating crafters and traders of some special items. I am particually a fan of quality leather work and found some of the custom equipment incredible as can be seen here.

Link: Traditional Archery

German Parcours

Today I would like to highlight another archery YouTube channel, Bearpaw Products, in particular one of their videos reviewing some of Germany’s parcours.  From a quick online search, the term parcour appears to originally come from the french for obstacle course (in modern terms it can refer to free running), although this may not be completely accurate. In short these are very long 3D archery ranges set in forested areas, some 3km in length! These have to be the best archery ranges I have ever seen, in such beautiful surroundings, and the price is very low considering the number of targets available.

Other than the parcour test videos, Bearpaw Products has many other videos covering shoots and their product lines.  Keep in mind this is a German company and therefore the videos are in German, but English subtitles are provided on most of the videos (They require activation on the YouTube video bar).

Thanks to Gregory Richards for introducing me to Bearpaw Products.

Why do you practice archery?

One thing I have noticed when browsing archery related blogs is the different styles of archery that people are drawn to. Some use only modern compound, others will only use traditional bows or recurve and some prefer both.

What style of archery do I shoot and why?

I shoot english longbow, currently low draw weight laminate bows, but I would one day like to use solely self warbows of mid to high draw weight. I have always had a fascination with archers in movies and history. Coming from England, my nations history was pretty much shaped by the longbow.  I am sure alot of people reading this will know of the great battles fought between England and France during the Hundred Years Wars. Although there is some debate whether the English longbowmen were truly a deciding factor in the battles, you cannot help but feel admiration for the idea of common men with staves of wood and string, standing off against heavily armoured and well equipped knights, in what was considered the best technology at the time. It is this history and admiration, along with the love for what I consider to be the most important tool ever made by humanity (which dates back tens of thousands of years), which makes me solely a traditional wooden bow archer.

What style of archery do you shoot and why?

Please leave me a comment about what style of bow you shoot and why?